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IA requests your support!

A letter I sent today - please spread the word.  Sorry no LJ cut, I have bigger fish to fry.

Hello Friends and Family members,

I'm writing to you today with a very specific need for funds for the charter school.  Christine and I have been putting our entire lives into this school for close to 2 years now and it appears that we really need your help.

For the last year and half we have been working with the California Charter School Association alongside the Walton Foundation to fund our program.  These funds have been noncompetitive in the sense that if we apply for them appropriately, we get the funds.  This process has not been easy but we've always stuck with it because it is the closest to a guarantee that we saw.  For the last three weeks I've been waiting for their response and have been very proactive.  Yesterday, at 8pm, I received a notice from the Walton foundation that we would not be receiving start up funds totaling $250k.  As far as we can tell we are the first and only charter school that this has happened to in San Diego.  Christine and I are convinced that this has nothing to do with the quality of our application and that's why we are working to get to the bottom of why this has occurred.

In the mean time, we have about 150 students ready to walk in the door and a wonderful staff awaiting us.  We have students who are excited again by school, parents who feel relieved that they can go to a school that they believe in and believes in them, and teachers who now have renewed faith in public education.  Funding wise, we get paid by the state in late August and then from September onward.  We also have another grant in the application phase but that doesn't come through until late September through the state of California.

What does this all mean right now?  We have a wonderful program with funding coming in but we have very little to get us started.  We have staff, trainings, and materials to purchase in August.  I'm certainly willing to wait on my salary but I wouldn't want to ask that of our staff.

Innovations Academy is focused on raising $500,000 between now and August 1.  My dad always said, "Ask for what you want, cause you just might get it!"  Great advice!

I'm asking you to do 2 things:
  • Donate what you can to our cause, $5 or $500 or $5000...it's all a contribution.  We are currently incorporated in California and will have non-profit status once the school year starts, it will be retroactive to our incorporation date of June 25, 2007.  All donations made today will be tax deductible.
    • or send a check made out to Innovations Academy c/o Christine Kuglen, 4050 Mississippi St., San Diego, CA 92104
  • Connect with 3 people who can help and have them repeat the process
    • One person who values reform in education
    • One person who is philanthropic
    • One person who you feel believes in our mission and is interested in sponsoring us.
Innovations academy is a place where students and families powerfully create their lives through self-expression, compassionate connection, and purposeful learning. We have developed a program that fully embodies this mission.  It is something that is bigger than our whole community put together and the possibilities are endless on what we will be able to accomplish this year. 

We all have big dreams and I'm asking you to partake in mine in anyway that you can.

With much thanks,

Danielle & Christine

p.s. For more information about Innovations Academy, please see our website.

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