Danielle Lynne (neurogirl) wrote,
Danielle Lynne

Ogdorm in SD?

Hello LJ world,

I live in a fantastic neighborhood with a wonderful set up (5 cute little houses all facing each other into a center yard area) and two of the neighbors are moving out at the same time due to life circumstances. I would love to have friends move in! That would be fun and very Odgorm like.

One place is a studio and the other is a one bedroom, I believe they are in the $900/month range.

Benefits include:
Living near me and all my splendidness ;)
Walking distance to lots of shops and eateries
A neighborhood cat who is adorable
Kira the dog who hangs in the court yard who keeps us all safe
A parking space
Washer and dryer for the units
in University Heights near north park and hillcrest

If you want more info, email me.
Tags: home, mammals, university heights
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